About Us

A Team Second to None

We're a diverse team of old, wise, heads and young, innovative guys who thoroughly enjoy what we do. Our team start every day with a reminder that we will be excellent in all we do. We can't control the outcomes of things beyond our control, but we can and will strive to be the best in the industry with the small things we do each day.

Our team has over 35 years of experience in the Bag-in-Box Industry.

Where it all Started 

Ralf (Left) and Gareth (Right) met at a previous company they both were employed at in 2007. After losing contact for a few years, they were reintroduced during a project they both happened to be working on in 2014. After a few short weeks, it was obvious that Ralf's mechanical prowess would only be strengthened by Gareth's electrical and programming knowledge. As they both had experience in the Bag-in-Box industry, they decided that they would apply their skills together at building state of the art B-i-B machinery. What has followed can only be described as pure machine magic and the birth of PPM.

Constant Improvement

PPM's primary goal is to offer it's clients state of the art machinery. We question every decision to implement change, and only commit if we are 100% satisfied that the change will better enhance our clients experience.

It's all about the customer

We always strive to put our customer's needs first and work hard at understanding what our customer's needs are. We then tailor make a solution which is unique to every customer.