About Us

A Team Second to None

Pro Project Machinery is a Bag-in-Box Bag-Making machinery manufacturing company based in Cape Town, South Africa, lead by a dynamic group of engineers with over 35 years' experience in the industry.

Our team is always questioning, tweaking, and challenging to uncover new and unique creativity. 

Our journey has been amazing, and we are now confident of our ability to provide you with a professional and reliable solution.

Constant Improvement

PPM's primary goal is to offer its' clients state-of-the-art machinery. We question every decision to implement change, and only commit if we are 100% satisfied that the change will better enhance our clients' experience. 

It's all about the customer 

Every customer is unique. Hence, we always put our customer's needs first and work hard to understand what their needs are. We then tailor-make a solution that is unique to them.  


Ralf Brügers

Managing Director

"Just another holiday in Paradise"


John Caine

Technical Manager

"There are few problems that a sleeping bag, coffee and dedication cannot fix."